Cardio equipment designed for life. Real life.

The simple assembly and easy-to-use features on Horizon Fitness machines will get you moving in no time. Our exercise equipment is specially designed to fit the body so you can move naturally while you work out. And with all of our machines, we prioritize durability because a lasting fitness lifestyle depends on reliable equipment.


Get the most comfortable and convenient treadmill workout possible. Horizon Fitness treadmill motors are designed and manufactured to be quieter and more powerful than the competition.

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These premium treadmills are built especially for runners, tough workouts and ambitious goals

The advanced features on this treadmill make workouts more engaging, effective and fun for walkers and runners alike

Perfect for getting started, this best-selling treadmill has all the power you need, and none of the bells-and-whistles you don’t


Get the most natural-feeling, low-impact workout possible, thanks to the Six-Star certified frame on all on Horizon Fitness ellipticals.

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Performance features like power incline take your elliptical workout to a new level

Sacrifice nothing with the convenience of a folding frame and the superior feel of a traditional elliptical

This traditional, non-folding elliptical is the perfect balance of value for your money, meaningful features and comfort

Exercise bikes

Horizon Fitness exercise bikes let you focus on performance without sacrificing comfort whether you choose a recumbent, upright or indoor cycle.

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Work out your way, at your intensity, while supporting your back and posture

The best in feel, accessibility and convenience for a great workout

For the feel of the open road


Try this classic workout beloved by CrossFit® enthusiasts for it’s ability to supercharge your fitness and transform your body.

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The folding Oxford 5 has a battery-operated, contoured seat and oversized foot pads so you can glide comfortably